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About Hot Spots Earth

Our Company

Hot Spots Earth Incorporated, a privately held corporation, was founded in October 2009. The company headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon. Our vision is to be the number one nightlife and entertainment resource, making it easy for everyone to be in the know and make the most of life.

Our Team

Our staff knows nightlife and living the good life! We have traveled around the globe, everywhere from South Africa to Hungary to Mexico. We have been to clubs from Vegas to London. Dive bars from Louisiana to Madrid. Our staff has even been to St Patty day in Dublin, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Olympic Games in Vancouver BC.

You can rest assured that we have seen the best and are now bringing the best to you. Our experienced staff goes to great lengths really getting to know each city we write about. We get past all the talk and find the true hot spots of each city. Follow us and you will be having the time of your life!

Our Philosophy

Bars and clubs are about a lot more than a place to drink, they are the social center of our century. Of course they are places for having fun, but the best part of it all is getting out provides a healthy social lifestyle. Our goal is to help everyone have the time of their life whether it's at a local bar, nightclub, festival or event. Get out there and have fun, stay safe, and drink responsibly.

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